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Self Help Group-4 , Banking Fundamentals to Know for Students.

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Agencies connected with SHG movement 

  Poor people
  N.G.O.s /  SHPI

Role of  poor

Forming into homogenous &  affinity  groups  with the help of  NGO/SHPI/BANK/GOVT

  Mobilize  savings from members
  Internal  lending
  Involving  in social  &  cultural  activities 
Role of  NGO / SHPI

Formation of groups
  Nurturing and development of groups
  Capacity building through training
  Arranging credit linkage with Banks
  Skill development  of  SHG members 
   Training group members in records keeping
  Development of leadership qualities among members
  Liaison with  Banks and Government agencies
  Train group members in new technologies

Role of Banks

  Provide credit to SHGs for internal lending
  Provide credit  for joint ventures  of SHGs
  Conduct awareness programs to SHGs  /  bank staff
  Promoting community development activities 

Role of  NABARD
Capacity building support to Partner Institutions
  Loan fund support
  Support to Government & formal agencies
  Support to RRBs and  Commercial Banks
  Support to NGOs
  Support to farmers’ clubs
  Support to independent Volunteers
Role of Government

Formation of groups among rural poor
Provide revolving fund support
Provide support for group activities   (NRLM)
Empowering the poor (Financial and   Social)
Create awareness among poor
Provide linkages 


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