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21.Who issues priority sector lending guidelines in India?
A.      Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS)
B.      Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
C.      Bank of International Settlement (BIS)
D.     Department of Financial Services
22.Priority Sector Lending guidelines are not applicable to which out of following type of banks?
a.      Small Finance Banks
b.      Foreign banks
c.       Scheduled Commercial Banks
d.      None of these
23.Which among the following sectors does not fall under Priority Sector as Priority Sector Lending guidelines in India?
a.      Automobile
b.      Agriculture
c.       Housing
d.      Education
24.Up to what amount of Education Loan is eligible to be classified as Priority Sector?
a.      Rs 5 lakh
b.      Rs 7.5 lakh
c.       Rs 10 lakh
d.      Rs 20 lakh
25.What is total priority sector target for Domestic scheduled commercial banks (excluding Regional Rural Banks and Small Finance Banks) as percentage of Adjusted Net Bank Credit or Credit Equivalent Amount of Off-Balance Sheet Exposure, whichever is higher?
a.      25%
b.      30%
c.       35%
d.      40%
26. DRTs can entertain cases for recovery for Rs ______.
a.      10 lakhs and above
b.      20 lakhs and above 
c.       50 lakhs and above 
d.      100 lakhs and above
27. Loans upto  _______ can be settled through Lok Adalats.
a.      2 lakh
b.      5 lakh
c.       10 lakh 
d.      20 lakh
28. SARFAESI Act is applicable for loans outstanding upto Rs ___________
a.      10 lakh
b.      5 lakh
c.       2 lakh
d.      1 lakh

29. A sub standard asset is one which has remained NPA for a period less than or equal to ___________.
a.      12 months
b.      6 months
c.       90 days
d.      180 days
30. Charging of interest at monthly rests would/would not change overdue under NPA.
a.     would make overdue of 90 days from monthly interest debiting
b.    would make overdue 90 days from previous quarter ending
c.    both of above
d.   none of above
31. When will a loan be NPA?
a.      interest and/or loan instalments overdue for more than 90 days
b.      A/c is out of order for more than 90 days in case of overdraft/cash credit
c.       Bill remains overdue for more than 90 days in BP/BD
d.      All of the above
32. A "Standard Asset" of a bank is defined as an asset which is ______________
a.      not a non-performing asset (NPA)
b.      a doubtful asset
c.       a loan asset
d.      none of these
 33. A loan or advance of a bank is defined as "Doubtful" when it has remained in Sub-standard category for a period of at least:
a.      6 months
b.      12 months
c.       3 months
d.      18 months
34. A loan or advance of a bank is defined as "Non-Performing asset"(NPA) when it remains overdue or out of order for a period of:
a.      90 days
b.      less than 90 days
c.       more than 90 days
d.      more than 180 days
35. Loans and advances of banks appear in their balance sheets on the side of :
a.      liabilities 
b.      assets
c.       income
d.      expenses
36. What is the relationship of a banker & customer in case of goods left by the customer by mistake in the bank
       a.   Bailee- bailor           
b. Lessor-lessee      
c. Creditor-debtor     
d. Trustee-beneficiary

37. The banker customer relationship in case of a locker is that of …
a. Lessee-lessor 
b. Trustee-beneficiary        
c. Agent-Principal    
d. Lessor – lessee
38. The banker customer relationship in case of safe custody of goods is that of …
a. Bailee-bailor   
b. Trustee-beneficiary        
c. Agent-Principal    
d. Lessor – lessee
39.. The garnishee order does not attach the followings…
a. Amount deposited 2 hours after the receipt of the order
b. Undrawn balance in OD a/c
c. Amount received for safe custody
d. a+b+c
40. A minor whose guardian has been appointed by court attains majority on completion of … years of age:
a. 18                  
b. 21             
c. 25             
d. None of these
  B    22.  D   23. A     24.  C      25.   D   26. B    27. D     28.A      29.A     30. B       31.D      32. A    33. B     34. C        35. B    36.  D    37.D      38.A     39.D    40.B     

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