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81. Bank charges interest on
a) Deposits
b) Loans
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of above
82. Education Loans
a) Cover tuition fee & expenses
b) Are repayable after completion of course
c) Granted for studies in India & abroad
d) All of above
83. Business Correspondent means
a) An agent who provides banking services
b) An agent of business house
c) A type of money lender
d) None of above
84. Internet banking refers to
a) Operation of account through internet
b) Opening of account through
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of above
85. Nomination once done can
a) Not be cancelled
b) Be cancelled
c) Not be changed
d) None of above
86. Who can open bank account?
a) Indian citizen
b) Non Resident Indian
c) Illiterate
d) All of above
87. PAN number is required for
a) Deposits less than
b) Deposits in excess of Rs.1 lac
c) Deposits Rs.50,000/- &
d) All transactions
88. TDS means
a) Time Deposit Scheme
b) Total Deposit Scheme
c) Tax Deducted at Source
d) None of above
89. Maximum amount of Cheque
a) Rs.100 crore
b) No limit
c) Rs.1 crore
d) None of above
90. Bank draft is issued by
a) Private Sector Banks
b) Regional Rural Banks
c) Public Sector Banks
d) All of above
91. Self Help Group involves
a) Group of 5 to 20 people
b) Regular saving habits
c) Inter-lending within the
group members
d) All of above
92. Payment of cheque can be stopped by
a) Beneficiary
b) Nominee
c) Drawer of cheque
d) All of above
93. Account payee cheques can be paid
a) At cash counter of Bank
b) At ATM
c) By deposit in Bank account
d) None of above
94. In Recurring Deposits,
a) a fixed sum is deposited every month
b) period of deposit is a fixed tenure
c) interest is paid at FDR rate
d) All of above
95. While making nomination,signature of nominee is required on
a) Account Opening Form
b) Nomination form
c) Affidavit
d) None of above
96. Interest on Savings Bank Deposits is paid
a) Every month
b) Quarterly
c) Half yearly
d) Yearly
97. Mutilated notes
a) should be burnt away
b) should be thrown away
c) can be exchanged at Bank
d) None of above
98. ATM can be used for
a) Cash withdrawal
b) Account enquiry
c) Statement of account
d) All of above
99. Upon detection of a counterfeit note at the counter, Bank
a) Returns the note to the customer
b) Exchange with a genuine Note
c) Deposit in Account
d) Impound the Note and issue receipt
100. Fixed Deposit can
a) not be withdrawn before maturity
b) paid only after maturity
c) withdrawn before maturity
d) All of above

81.  B   82. D     83. A     84.  A    85. B    86.D       87. C       88. C  89. B   90.  D         91. D    92. C     93.  C    94.  D    95. D    96. C       97.  C      98. D  99.D   100. C

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