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Series-42 , Banking Questions and Answers with Fundamentals to Know.


Chapter-24;SOFT SKILL
1. Communication skill is a ________________
A.      academic skill
B.      hard skills
C.      soft skills
D.      none of these
2. Facial expression is _______________communication.
A.      oral
B.      written
C.      non- verbal
D.      verbal
3. Farmers clubs were initially started by NABARD in 1982 as Vikas Voluntary Vahini program to propagate the 5 principals of "Development through _____________".
A.      savings
B.      credit (development in rural areas through credit, technology transfer, awareness, capacity building.... )

C.      recovery
D.      meetings and discussions
4. The single most important skill financial counselors have is their technical expertise.
A.      True
B.      False
5. Interviewing, counseling and advising are all similar to and different from each other
A.      True
B.      False
6. The purpose of advising clients in financial counseling is to convince them to do what counselors think they should do.
A.      True
B.      False
7. It is not particularly important for the counselor to convey an attitude of acceptance toward the client.
A.      True
B.      False
8. Clint’s resistant behaviors are unimportant to a successful financial counselor.
A.      True
B.      False
9. All advice offered in financial counseling should be tentative, with the client making the final decision.
A.      True
B.      False
10. Asking the client questions is usually appropriate only when it is an honest attempt to gather information about what the counselor needs and the client can provide.
A.      True
B.      False
Chapter-25; Securities and Modes of Charging Them
Read the questions and statements properly and choose the correct options.
1. The name of the charge created while advancing against LIC policy is____________
A.      assignment
B.      lien
C.      pledge
D.      set off
2. Loan against minor's term deposit;
A.      can be granted if the documents are signed if the minor has completed the age of 14 years
B.      cannot be granted under any circumstances as the minor does not have the contractual capacity
C.      can be granted to the guardian of the minor, if it is for the necessities of the minor
D.      can be granted only with the permission of the court
3. In the case of assignment of LIC Policy as a security to an advance, the assignment is not complete unless a notice of an assignment is given to the insurance company.
A.      True
B.      False
4. To the above notice of assignment may be given either by the assignor or by the assignee.
A.      True
B.      False
5. There is more risk for the bank when hypothecation charge created by a company is registered with the ROC.
A.      True
B.      False
6. One of the essential requirements of a pledge is the actual or constructive delivery of the goods pledged by the pledger to the pledgee.
A.      True
B.      False
7. The limitation period for filing suit for sale of immovable property is thirty years from the date mortgage debt becomes due.
A.      True
B.      False
8. Banks have to file a suit before the Debt Recovery Tribunal for recovery, if the amount due is Rs _______ lakh and above.
A.      20
B.      10
C.      15
D.      5
9. ______________is a transfer of interest in immovable property to secure an advance.
A.      collateral
B.      enforcement
C.      mortgage
D.      security
10. Which of these is NOT considered while conducting the Valuation of Property?
A.      Location of Land
B.      Updated UIDAI
C.      Age of the building
D.      The cost incurred for construction 

The bold option is the correct answer.

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