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Q1. Account Payee in crossing with two transverse parallel lines is *
A.      Special Crossing
B.      General Crossing
C.      Restricted Crossing
D.      Universal Crossing
Q2. Which of the following characteristics are available in a Debit Card *
a) Payments for purchases are directly debited into the account
b) Cash withdrawals through ATMs are debited to the account immediately
c) Payment made for purchases/usage will be debited subsequently after a certain period
d) Both a) and b)
Q3. Which one of the following, will not come under weaker section loans *
A.      Loans are given to marginal/small farmers
B.      Loans are given to artisans, village and cottage industries
C.      Advances to ST/ST borrowers
D.Loans to women beneficiaries more than 1lakh
Q4. Floating Rate of Interest is the rate which is________ *
A.      Decided by the bank arbitrarily
B.      Linked with another relevant other
C.      Fixed by the Indian Banks association
D.      Notified by the Reserve Bank of India
Q5. What is the period or term of a vehicle loan? *
A.      Normally 1 year
B.      Normally 3-7 years
C.      Usually 5-7 years
D.      Always 7-10 years
Q6. A unit will be classified as a small enterprise (service sector) if its investment in equipment not exceeding *
A.      200 lakhs
B.      100 lakhs
C.      500 lakhs
D.      None of these
Q7. Branches may open accounts for those customers who are not able to provide KYC documents provided the total credit summation in all the accounts taken together is not expected to exceed Rs_______ in a year *
A.      Rs 1Lakh
B.      Rs 2 Lakhs
C.      Rs 50,000
D.      Rs 50,000 per month
Q8. The price of insurance is called_______ *
A.      Fee
B.      Service change
C.      Premium
D.      Instalment
Q9. SHGs, for assistance under PMRY, may consist of *
A.      5-20 educated unemployed youth
B.      3-15 educated unemployed youth
C.      10-25 educated unemployed youth
D.      2-10 educated unemployed youth
Q10. Which of the following the statement is not correct *
A.      Repayment of loan instalment is taken as a cash outflow in the cash flow statement
B.      Depreciation is taken as a cash outflow in the statement
C.      Interest payment to the bank is taken as an outflow in the cash flow statement
D.      Cash received on sale of scrap is taken as a cash inflow in the cash flow statement
Q11. Bailor-bailee a relationship is applicable in *
A.      Cash deposit with a cashier by customer
B.      Sale deposit locker
C.      Demand draft issued by a banker
D.      Keeping articles in safe custody with the bank
Q12. Internet Banking Transactions Exclude *
A.      Withdrawal of cash anywhere in India
B.      Statement of account for a specific period
C.      Transfer of Funds from one account to another account
D.      Balance Enquiry
Q13. Under which steps of Money Laundering, the separation of illicit proceeds from their source by creating complex layers of financial transaction thereby avoiding audit trail and providing anonymity to the source of funds? *
A.      Layering
B.      Placement
C.      Integration
D.      None of the above
Q14. A unit will be classified as a small enterprise (manufacturing), if its investment in Plant & Machinery not exceeding Rs_________ *
A.      100 Lakhs
B.      500 Lakhs
C.      25 Lakhs
D.      200 Lakhs
Q15. KCCs are issued for a period of *
A.      One year
B.      Three years
C.      Five years
D.      Seven years
Q16. Debit Cards *
A.      are plastic card embedded with electromagnetic identification
B.      are issued by banks to its customers who could use them to pay for their purchases or services at specified points of sale                             terminals
C.      facilitate the customers to effect the transactions on their accounts remotely
D.      All of the above
Q17. Loan and advances of banks appear in their balance sheet on the side of *
A.      Liabilities
B.      Assets
C.      Income
D.      Expenses
Q18. KYC norms are not applicable in retail loans if repayment capacity is established beyond doubt *
A.      True
B.      False
Q19. Which of the following is included in the DO for a BCA? *
A.      BCA should maintain the confidentially and the secrecy of the customer information
B.      BCA should indulge in local polities
C.      BCA should treat his/her customers differently according to their caste, creed or sex
D.      BCA should not do the transaction with financially excluded people
Q20. Educational loans for studies abroad shall be treated as Priority Sector Lending, up to a limit of *
A.      Rs 4 lakhs
B.      Rs 10 lakhs
C.      Rs 15 lakhs
D.      Rs 20 lakhs
Q21. A deposit or a paying-in slip is a blank form listing the details of coin, currency or cheques to be deposited and amount of deposit (it accompanies a deposit) *
A.      True
B.      False
Q22. Find the interest rate, if the present value is Rs.100/- and future value becomes Rs.115.76 in three years *
A.      4%
B.      5%
C.      6%
D.      7%
Q23. RBI has simplified KYC procedure for opening accounts for those persons who intend to keep balances not exceeding Rs______ in all their accounts taken together and total credit in all the accounts taken together is not expected to exceeds Rs________ lac in a year *
A)     50,000, 1,00,000        B) 1,00,000, 5,00,000         C)5lakhs, 10lakhs       D) 5lakhs, 15lakhs

Bold option is correct answer.

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