Thursday, 1 August 2019


61. ATM means
a) Any Time Money
b) Auto Truck of Mahindra
c) Automated Teller Machine
d) None of above
62. Timely repayment of loans results
a) Good reputation
b) No tension
c) Easily availability of loan in future
d) All of above
63. Defaulter of loan means
a) Not paying loan instalments
b) Bad reputation
c) Illegal activities
d) None of above
64. Life insurance means
a) Insurance of human
b) Insurance of life of human and Cattle
c) Insurance of Life of Machines
d) All of above
65. General Insurance relates to insurance against
a) Fire
b) Theft
c) Burglary
d) All of above
66. Aadhaar is
a) 12 digit number card
b) Identity proof issued by UIDAI
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of above
67. E or S means
a) East or South zone
b) Easy and Swift
c) Either or Survivor
d) None of above
68. Which is prohibited for writing on currency notes?
a) Political message
b) Religious message
c) Personal message
d) All of above
69. PPF means
a) Pension Planning Funds
b) Person having Pension Facilities
c) Public Provident Fund
d) Permanent Practitioner’s Forum
70. Highest denomination of currency notes issued by RBI is
a) Rs.100/-
b) Rs.500/-
c) Rs.1,000/-
d) Rs.10,000/-
71. NRI means
a) Non Rural Individuals
b) Non Rural Immigrants
c) Non Resident Indian
d) None of above
72. PAN means
a) A kind of utensil
b) Primary Account Number
c) Permanent Account Number
d) None of above
73. Bank provides loans for
a) Home
b) Car
c) Education
d) All of above
74. Which currency note has security thread?
a) Rs.50/-
b) Rs.100/-
c) Rs.500/-
d) All of above
75. The safest place for keeping money
a) A pit dug in the ground
b) An iron box
c) Bank
d) Money lender
76. Gold and silver ornaments should be kept in bank lockers
a) It is safe
b) No risk of theft
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of above
77. Currency notes are issued by
a) RBI
c) Public sector banks
d) Central Government
78. Coins are issued by
a) Government of India
c) Public sector banks
d) State Bank of India
79. Bank Pass Book is
a) Issued by Bank
b) Contains transaction details
of Bank account
c) Shows balance in account
d) All of above
80. Banks pays interest on
a) Deposits
b) Loans
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of above
  61.C     62.  D  63.  A    64.  A     65.D     66 . C     67. C      68. D    69. C    70. C 
  71. C    72.  C  73.  D    74. D      75.  C    76.   C    77.  A    78.  A   79. D    80. A   

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