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Banking Questions and Answers with Fundamentals to Know. Series -31

Q, 1 Financial limit for Kishor Under Mudra is .... *
a) Loans above Rs. 50,000 & upto Rs, 5 lakhs.
b) Loans upto Rs. 50,000 only
c) Loans above Rs. 1 lakh & upto Rs. 5 lakhs
d) None of above
Q, 2 Banks can settle disputes involving amount Rs. 20 lakhs though the forum Lok adalts *
a) True
b) False
Q, 3 What is the expansion of BSBDA *
a) Basic Savings Bank Dual Account.
b) Basic Savings Bank Deposit Application
c) Basic Small Bank Deposit Account
d) Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account.
Q, 4 BSBDA refers to ...... *
a) Basic Saving and Bank Deposit account.
b) Basic Saving Bank Deposit Account.
c) Bank Saving and Bank Deposit Account
d) None of the above
Q, 5 Which one following Programme was replaced by National Rural Lively hood mission ? *
Q, 6 Which of the following is India's own domestic card net work *
a) Visa
b) Masters
c) Rupay
d) Maestro
Q, 7 Which one of the following statement is an incorrect criterion for classification of home loan as NPA ? *
a) Instalments remain overdue beyond 90 days
b) Interest remain overdue beyond 90 days
c) Both 1 & 2
Q, 8 The group level servey under PMJDY HAS TO BE COMPLETED within.......of the star of the campaign *
a) 1 year
b) 6 months
c) 4 months
d) 3 months
Q, 9 All advises offered in financial counselling should be tentative, with the client making the final decision *
a) True
b) False
Q, 10 As per the RBI circular which of the following can act as business Correspondents for bank in their efforts towards financial inclusions ? *
a) Farmers club
b) Gram Panchayat
c) Agri Clinics
d) Post Offices
Q. 11 A Bank Led Model which allows online financial inclusion transaction at Micro ATMs through the Business correspondent of any Bank using the Adhar Authentication is called...... *
a) NACH Debit
B) Adhar Payment Bridge System ( APBS)
c) Adhar Enabled Bridge System ( AEBS)
D) National Financial Switch(NFS)
Q. 12 Under PMSBY, accidental death claim is available for .... *
a) Rs. 1lakh
b) Rs. 2lakhs
c) Rs, 3Lakhs
d) None of above
Q, 13. Which is the 23rd Governor of RBI *
a) K. C Chakraborty
b) D.K Mittal
c) Raghuram Rajan
d) Montek Singh Aluwalia
Q. 14 A Sub-Standard Asset is one which has remained NPA for a period less than or equal to *
a) 12 Months
b) 6 months
c) 90 Days
d) 180 days
Option 5
Q. 15 Cheque is a comparatively better mode of Payment than cash *
a) True
b) False
Q. 16 Miss Swity wants to retire with Rs. 1 Crore after 5 years. If the bank offers a return of 12% p.a what should be a onetime deposit she is required to do today? *
a) 54,74,269
b) 55,74,269
c) 57,74,269
d) 56,74.269
Q, 17 Which of the following activities can not be under taken by payment Bank *
a) Issuance of ATM Debit Card
b) Payment/ termittents service
C) Issuance of Credit cards
d) Acceptance of Demand deposits
Q, 18 Provision of credit not exceeding ........per borrower, whether directly or through SHG/JLG mechanism will constitute micro credit *
a) Rs. 10,000
b) Rs. 25,000
c) Rs. 50,000
d) Rs. 1 lakh
Q, 19 Who are the target group's Swavalambhan scheme? *
a) People working in organised sector
b) People working in unorganised sector
c) People working in organised and organised sector
d) Only People working in rural areas
Q, 20 Time deposit bearing interest should be accepted atleast for ......... *
a) 46 Days
b) One month
c) 7 days
d) 120 months
Q, 21 Which Bank have been established with a focus on rural development and these are also scheduled banks sponsored by public sector banks? *
a) Private Sectors Banks
b) Regional Rural Banks
c) Commercial Banks
d) Payment Banks
Q, 22 LPG subsidy and MINEGA wages are disbursed by making use of...... *
a) NACH Debit
b) Adhar Payment Bridge System ( APBS)
c) Adhar Enabled Bridge System ( AEBS)
d) National Financial Switch(NFS)
Q, 23 Which of the following documents are considered as officially Valid documents as per RBI ? *
a) Passport
b) Job Card issued by NREGA
C)Adhar issued by UIDAI
D) All of Above
Q, 24 UIDAI Stands for.... *
a) Unique Identification Authority of India
b) Unique Identification Action of India
c) Unique Information Authority of India
d) Unique Identification Agency of India
Q, 25 Cross Selling refers to...... *
a) Selling Additional Products/Services to the existing customers.
Selling Products/Services to new customers
c) both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

Bold option is correct answer.

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