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Q. 1 Suppose a client put away Rs. 10000 and this earns a net average 7 percent per annum, which is compounded. By the age of 60, a person who started this practice at age 30(simply investing and not adding anything other than invest)will have accumulated Rs....... *
a) 76122.55
b) 75000.55
c) 75600.45
d) 76211.54
Q. 2 Maximum tenure of Fixed Deposit is *
a) 5 yeas
b) 7 years
c) 8 years
d) 10 years
Q. 3 The term EMI in a housing or vehicle loan is calculated on the basis of : *
a) The principal of the loan
b) Principal and Interest on the loan
c) Interest on the loan
d) Principal and processing charges on the loan
Q. 4 Small Finance Banks are required to give finance *
a) Maximum up to Rs 25 lakhs
b) 50% of its total advance portfolio should be at least Rs 25 lakhs per borrower
C) To any borrower without any celling
d) only to priority sector as defined by RBI

Q. 5 KYC means.... *
a) know your customer
b) know your character
c) Both of above
d) None of above
Q. 6 Current deposits fall under : *
a) Time liability
b) demand liability
c) Contingent liability
d) All of these
Q. 7 Assets are classified as : *
a) Standard Assets and Performing Assets
b) Standard Assets and Non-Standard Assets
c)Non-performing Assets and Standard Assets
d) Performing Assets and Sub-performing Assets
Q. 8 Who can open an Account Under PMJDY? *
a) Minor above the 10 years
b) Only Lady of the house
c) Only head of the family
d) All of above
Q. 9 Provisions of Serfeasi Act are not applicable and securities can not be acquired in more than.....% on the principal Amount has been paid *
a) 50%
b) 60%
c) 75%
d) 80%
Q. 10 Basic Savings Bank Deposit holders can do five free transactions(including both financial and non financial transactions) in a month at other banks ATM at all locations including the six metro locations, subjects to other conditions associated with such accounts. *
a) True
b) False
Q. 11 What is Atal Pension Yojana(APY)? *
a) Provides social security to the unorganised sector
b) encourages workers to voluntary save for their retirement
c) Fixed pension is paid on attaining age of 60 years
d) All of above
Q. 12 Which of the following is a fee based service? *
a) Collections of cheques
b) Safe Deposit Lockers
c) Standing Instructions
d) Merchant banking services
e) All of above
Q. 13 ATM's Provide *
a) Round the clock Service
b) Anywhere banking facility
c) Privacy in transaction
d) Quick and efficient service
e) All of above
Q. 14 PMMY loan can be availed from the bank which.....? *
a) The customer has the banking relation with the bank
b) The customer does not have the prior banking relationship(savings/current account)with the bank
c) Both a) And b)
Q. 15 On the nomination form, signature of account holder to be attested by : *
a) One witness
b) two witness
c) no of witness as per bank's discretion
d) no witness require for signature
Q. 16 If Rs. 1,00,000 is the money borrowed for 12 months and the RCI is 12% p.a, then what would be the simple interest paid by the borrower to the lender ? *
a) Rs. 6000
b) Rs 8000
c) Rs. 10000
d) Rs. 12000
Q. 17 The person who signs a cheque is called drawer *
a) True
b) False
Q. 18 If the bank is able to sell a assets(house/car/educational loan) to a savings/current deposit account holder successfully, then it is called *
a) universal banking
b) cross selling
c) extension banking
d) more selling
Q. 19 A special crossing on a cheque consists of..... *
a) Two parallel transverse lines
b) The words A/C payee only between two parallel lines
c) The name of a banker across the face of the cheque
d) The words and company between two parallel lines
Q. 20 Who issue the Mudra Card to customer? *
a) Banks either directly or in association with MFIs
b) MFIs directly
c) Mudra
Q. 21 Facial expression is............ communication. *
b) Written
c) Non-verbal
d) Verbal
Q. 22 What should be the minimum net worth of an NBFC-MFIs registered in a North East state : *
a) Rs. 1crore
b) Rs. 2crore
c) Rs. 3crore
d) Rs. 5crore
Q. 23 Which of the following is correct ? *
a) Indians Nationals who have secured admission to professional/technical courses through Entrance test/selection process in India/Abroad can avail educational loan.
b) Travel Expenses are included while working out educational loan amount.
c) Both are True           d) Both are False
Q. 24 In education loan no collateral security is insisted for loan up to *
a) Rs. 4 lakhs
b) Rs. 7.5 lakhs
c) Rs. 15 lakhs
d) Rs. 10.00 lakhs
Bold Options are correct answers.

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