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Q1: EMI calculation is based on __________ factors *
A.      Principle
B.      Number of years or months of repayment
C.      Rate of Interest
D.      All of the above
Q2: Objectives of KYC: *
A.      To ensure appropriate customer identification
B.      To monitor the transaction of suspicious nature
C.      If the loan is given, it would not be an NPA
D.      To create a database of customer
Q3: Which of the following agencies involved in Micro-Insurance? *
A.      Non-Government Organizations
B.      Self-Help Groups
C.      Micro-Finance Institutions
D.      All of the above
Q4: Loans repayable up to _________ are termed as Short term loans under Agriculture Finance. *
A.      12 months
B.      18 months
C.      24 months
D.      32 months
Q5: Identify the False Statement *
A.      Banks give overdrafts and loans to everyone who opens an account.
B.      Second educational loan is never sanctioned by banks
C.      Both are False
D.      Both are True
Q6: RuPay debit card is introduced by _________ *
A.      Reserve bank of India
B.      Institute of Banking Personnel Selection
C.      National Payments Corporation of India
D.      Ministry of Finance
Q7: By using QSAM service one can check their aadhar seeding status with their bank account by dialing *
A.      *99#
B.      *999*9#
C.      *99*99#
D.      *999#
Q8: What is the Infrastructure requirement for the Kiosk Operator? *
A.      PC with web camera & speaker
B.      Internet Connectivity
C.      Finger Print Scanner
D.      All of the above
Q9: The single most important skill financial counselors have is their technical expertise *
A.      True
B.      False
Q10: What implies bringing low income & disadvantaged groups under the coverage of banking by providing them access to banking services at an affordable cost? *
A.      Agriculture Banking
B.      Financial Inclusion
C.      Universal Banking
D.      Electronic banking
Q11: Nomination facilities are available *
A.      In deposit accounts
B.      On safe deposit lockers
C.      On articles deposited for safe custody
D.      In all the above cases
Q12: Which are banks incorporated in India whose shares are held by the public majority of these banks belong to the category of old generation private banks characterized by small balance sheet size, regional operations, and business activities? *
A.      Foreign Banks
B.      Indian Private Sectors Banks
C.      Local Area Banks
D.      Payment Banks
Q13: What is the maximum the loan amount available under PMMY? *
A.      5.00 lacs
B.      10.00 lacs
C.      50.00 lacs
Q14: Hybrid deposits means *
A.      Combination of SB & CD
B.      Combination of Demand & Fixed Deposit
C.      Combination of Monthly Income Scheme & Half Yearly Scheme
D.      None of the above
Q15: Principle functions of Banks are _________ *
A.      Accepting deposits
B.      Lending & Investing
C.      Non-Fund business & remittance services
D.      All of the above
Q16: ATM means *
A.      Any time money
B.      Auto Truck of Mahindra
C.      Automated Teller Machine
D.      None of the above
Q17: Flexi recurring deposits are preferred by which type of customers? *
A.      Salaried Class
B.      Segments which have regular periodic cash inflows
C.      Segments which do not have regular periodic cash inflows
D.      None of the above
Q18: Interest on Savings Bank Deposits is paid *
A.      Every Month
B.      Quarterly
C.      Half Yearly
D.      As per bank policy
Q19: The sum assured for life insurance cover provided under the PMJDY scheme is ________ *
A.      Rs. 30,000/-
B.      Rs. 5,000/-
C.      Rs. 25,000/-
D.      Rs. 1,00,0000/-
Q20: APBS (Aadhar Payment Bridge System) *
A.      Single debit to the sponsor bank's account and multiple credits to different destination bank's account
B.      Multiple debits to different destination bank's account and a corresponding single credit to Sponsor bank account
C.      Used by an instruction for disbursement for subsides/government benefits to a large number of beneficiaries
D.      Both A & C
Q21: The scope of activities to be undertaken by the business correspondents will not include ________ *
A.      Identification of potential customer
B.      Collection of small value deposit
C.      Sanctioning of loans not exceeding Rs. 1000
D.      Recovery of principle & collection of interest from the borrower
Q22: When the banker allows overdraft to his customer, the relationship between his customer and him is that of *
A.      Bailor & Bailee
B.      Leassor & Lessee
C.      Debtor & Creditor
D.      Creditor & Debtor
Q23: PMJDY means _________ *
A.      Prime Minister Jan-Dhan Yoajna
B.      Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yoajna
C.      Pradhan Mantri Janandolan Yoajna
Primary Money Jodan Yojana

Bold option is correct answer.

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