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Q1: Educational Loans should include only loans & advances granted to individuals for educational purpose upto Rs.___________ for studies in India, to be classified as priority sector. *
A)     Seven & a Half Lakh
B)      Ten Lakh
C)      Fifteen Lakh
D)     Twenty Lakh
Q2: Identify the correct relationship between the Customer - Banker in case of deposits. *
A)     Creditor-Debtor
B)      Donor-Trustee
C)      Agent-Principle
D)     Debtor-Creditor
Q3: By using QSAM service one can check their aadhar seeding status with their bank account by dialing. *
A)     *99#
B)      *999*9#
C)      *99*99#
D)     *999#
Q4: Advances to weaker sections inter alia include ____________. *
A)     Individual woman beneficiaries up to Rs. 2 Lakh per borrower
B)      Distressed persons other than farmers,
C)      with loan amount not exceeding Rs. 2 Lakh per borrower to property their depth to non-institutional lenders.
D)     Overdraft upto Rs. 5000 under Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) accounts.
E)      Artisans, Village & Cottage Industries where individuals credit limits do not exceeds Rs. 2 Lakh.
Q5: Credit for the creation of irrigation facilities from underground / surface water sources are covered under which scheme and all structures and equipment connected with the proposed facility are also financed? *
A)     Farm Mechanish
B)      Minor Irrigation
C)      Land Purchase Scheme
D)     Crop Loan
Q6: The safest place of keeping money *
A)     A pit dug in the ground
B)      An Iron Box
C)      Bank
D)     A money lender
Q7: Communication skill is a __________ *
A)     Academic Skill
B)      Hard Skill
C)      Soft Skill
D)     None of the above
Q8: The repayment of home loan is normally through EMIs. This means that repayment every month consists of ______________ *
A)     Equal amount of Principle & total amount of accrued interest
B)      Some amount to principle and a portion of accrued interest.
C)      Equal amount of Principle & total amount of accrued interest so that the interest so that the total repayment every month is same over the entire period.
D)     Equal amount of Principle & some amount of accrued interest
Q9: An Electronic way of doing authentic, real time KYC of a customer using Aadhar authentication *
A)     NACH Debit
B)      Aadhar payment bridge system (APBS)
C)      Aadhar enabled bridge system (AEBS)
D)     e-KYC
Q10: A unit will be classified as a micro(manufacturing) enterprise if its investment in plant & machinery not exceeding *
A)     10 Lakh
B)      50 Lakh
C)      2 Crore
D)     25 Lakh
Q11: The period of credit under Medium/Long-term loans in Agriculture Finance are more than _____________ *
A)     12 months
B)      24 months
C)      36 months         D) 48 months
Q12: A person having a savings bank account does not need a separate introduction to open a Term deposits account in the same bank. *
A)     True
B)      False
Q13: Which of the following is not considered as indicator of a good SHGs *
A)     Small membership
B)      Regular attendance
C)      Homogeneous membership
D)     Discrimination based on political affiliation
Q14: Mr. Vijay invested a sum of Rs. 6800 at the beginning of every quarter at 10% per annum compounded quarterly for a period of 12 years. Calculate the future value of the amount invested. *
A)     258230
B)      633292
C)      351643
D)     112651
Q15: Minimum age required to open SB account in the bank __________ *
A)     8 years
B)      10 years
C)      12 years
D)     None of the above
Q16: Senior citizens are paid higher rate of interest on their deposit accounts *
A)     True
B)      False
Q17: Balance inquiry is a kind of *
A)     Financial Transaction
B)      Non-Financial Transaction
C)      Technical transaction
D)     None of the above
Q18: Loans upto Rs. ____________ can be settled through Lok Adalats *
A)     2 Lakh
B)      5 Lakh
C)      10 Lakh
D)     20 Lakh
Q19: Banks have assigned __________ for opening of basis Saving bank deposit account under financial inclusion through Business Correspondents *
A)     Scheme Codes
B)      Personal Identification Number
C)      Aadhar Number
D)     PRAN
Q20: Debt recovery tribunals have been established to expedite the cases pending with the judicial system. These are _____ *
A)     Created in all states
B)      Created at the rate of one for each state
C)      They are functioning from the same date everywhere
D)     Created depending upon the number of pending cases with recoverable amounts in excess of Rs. 10 lakhs & it may cover more than one state
Q21: A 'Standard asset' of a bank is identified as an asset which is *
A)     Not a Non-Performing Asset (NPA)     B. A doubtful asset   C. A loss asset   D.None of the above
Q22: Banks need to maintain certain percentage of their demand & time liabilities with the reserve bank Indian compulsorily. This is referred as ________ *
A)     Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)
B)      Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)
C)      Current Ratio
D)     Credit Deposit Ratio (CD Ratio)
Q23: A ___________ is a form of collective investment that pulls money from many investors & invests their money in stocks, bonds, short-term money market instrument, and/or other securities. *
A)     Insurance Policy
B)      Net Asset Value
C)      Mutual Fund
D)     Bank Deposit
Q24: All PMKVY loans will be governed by ______, formulated by MUDRA, in consultation with DFS, rating agencies, MFIN & Sa-Dhan and others stakeholders for adoption by all the lending institutions. *
A)     MUDRA Loan code of lending
B)      MUDRA Loan Charter
C)      PMMY Loan Charter
Q25: Explained 'NPCI' *
A)     National Payments Corporation of India
B)      National Payments Co-operative Institute
C)      New Payments Corporation of India
D)     New Payments Co-operative Institute
Bold Options are correct answers.

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