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Q1. A customer can afford Rs9651 as EMI for 20 Years. Bank Housing Loan rate is 10%. How much loan can be disbursed to provide the customer satisfies other terms and conditions? *
A.      Rs 965000
B.      Rs 1200000
C.      Rs 1000000
D.      Rs 1100000
Q2. What is a banking product which allows online interoperable financial inclusion transaction Pos or Kiosk banking through the business correspondent of any bank using the Adhar authentication?
D) Swift
Q3. Can a Person get her PMJDY account transferred to other cities /State upon transfer to any branch of the bank, to other city or state upon the transfer to other states *
A.      All bank participating to PMJDY platform are on CBS platform and the account can easily be transferred
B.      All bank account can easily be transferred to any branch of the city on request of the account holder
C.      Account can not be transferred to other city or branch on request of the account holder
D.      Accounts can be transferred with special permission of the regional head of the branch
Q4. ATMs are typically deployed by banks for *
A.      Wholesale Banking
B.      Retail Banking
C.      All the above
Q5. When Banks give Home Loans, the nature of charge created is *
A.      Hypothecation
B.      Mortgage
C.      Assignment
D.      Pledge
Q6. Under the Swavalamban Scheme a subscriber will be allowed exit at age of *
A.      50 years
B.      60 years
C.      25 years
D.      45 years
Q7. Interest of time deposits may be paid, credited, transferred or reinvested with frequency not less than the: *
A.      Quarterly basis
B.      Monthly basis
C.      Half-yearly basis
D.      Yearly Basis
Q8. A small account means a saving account in a banking company where *
A.      The aggregate of all credits in a financial year does not exceed rupees one lakh
B.      The balance at any point of time does not exceed rupees fifty thousand
C.      The aggregate of all withdrawals and transfers in a month does not exceed rupees ten thousand
D.      All of the above
Q9. Rupay Debit Card is introduced by *
A.      RBI
B.      NPCI
C.      IBA
D.      Govt. of India
Q10. Provisions of Sarfaesi Act are not applicable in the case of:(1) securities under lien or pledge (2)Agricultural Land *
A.      Only 1                              B.   Only 2                             C. Both 1 & 2
Q11. Under e-KYC, the Adhaar KYC service at UIDAI authenticates customer's *
A.      Data
B.      Movement
C.      Only the bank account number
D.      None of the above
Q12. Pan Number is required for *
A.      Deposits less than Rs 50,000/-
B.      Deposits in excess of Rs 1lac
C.      Deposits Rs 50,000/- & above
D.      All transactions
Q13. Banks have recently introduced the service in what is called RTGS. This stands for *
A.      Real-time Gross Settlement System
B.      Reliable Trade guarantee System
C.      Real-time Guarantee system
D.      None of the Above
Q14. The survivor of a joint deposit account intends to change nomination. It should *
A.      not be allowed as any change required joint mandate.
B.      be allowed as a survivor can cancel, change or even exercise fresh nomination.
C.      not be allowed as the only cancellation of nomination can be done by the survivor.
D.      matter should be referred to bank's lawyer of his opinion
Q15. In RD account the maximum amount of installment could be: *
A.      Rs 100/-
B.      Rs 10,000/-
C.      No limit
D.      Rs 5,000/-
Q16. Which of the following is true regarding the MIS under PMJDY? *
A.      Periodic reports to be generated would be district wise/state wise and would include covered village with uncovered households.
B.      Each Bank would have a structured system generated MIS system to minor the function of bank Mitra in the field.
C.      IBA will have a monitoring committee which shall review the progress on a weekly basis the information for monitoring shall be extracted from the DFS portal.
Q17. MGNREGS stands for *
A.      Mahatma Gandhi Nutrition & Rural Employment Generation Scheme
B.      Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
C.      None of above
Q18. In deposit account, the main relationship between bank and customer is: *
A)     Creditor-bank , Debtor-customer
B)      Debtor-bank ,Creditor-customer
C)      Agent-principle
D)     Only A & B
Q19. Cheque book the facility is providing to deposit customers by *
A)     Commercial Bank
B)      Mutual funds
C)      NBFC
D)     All of the above
Q20. Adhaar is *
A)     a)12 digit number card
B)      b)Identity proof issued by UIDAI
C)      Both a & b
Bold Options are correct answers.

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