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Series-39 , Banking Questions and Answers with Fundamentals to Know.


Chapter-15; Microfinance and Self Help Groups
1. Maintenance of the following books/registers is not compulsory for SHG____________
A.      Minutes book
B.      Savings and Loan register
C.      Visitor's book
D.      Member's passbook
2. SHGs for assistance under PMRY may consist of ____________
A.      5-20 educated unemployed youth
B.      3-15 educated unemployed youth
C.      10-25 educated unemployed youth
D.      2-10 educated unemployed youth
3. Provision of credit not exceeding _________ per borrower, either directly or through the SHG/JLG mechanism will constitute microcredit.
A.      Rs 10,000/-
B.      Rs 25,000/-
C.      Rs 50,000/-
D.      Rs 1 lakh                                                                                     
General Studies
4. A microenterprise in manufacturing sector is one where the investment in plant and machinery does not exceed _______________
A.      Rs 10 lakh
B.      Rs 20 lakh
C.      Rs 25 lakh
D.      Rs 50 lakh
5. What should be the minimum net worth of an NBFC-MFIs registered ina North East state:
A.      Rs 1 crore
B.      Rs 2 crore
C.      Rs 3 crore
D.      Rs 5 crore
6. An MFI can maximum, lend ____________in the first instance.
A.      Rs 25000
B.      Rs 50000
C.      Rs 60000
D.      Rs 100000
7. Which of these is NOT the salient feature of Micro Finance?
A.      Borrowers are from the low-income group
B.      Loans are offered without collaterals
C.      Long duration Loans
D.      High frequency of repayment
8. Choose the point that does not comes under the importance of Micro Finance.
A.      Financial Stability
B.      Harnessing Local Capital
C.      Empowerment of Women
D.      Long duration Loans
9. Not less than ___________ of its net assets are in the nature of "qualifying assets".
A.      75%
B.      85%
C.      65%
D.      50%
10. "Multiple Delivery Models" is an encouraging factor for microcredit in the country which is a single point delivery model.
A.      True
B.      False
Chapter-16; BC-BF Model; A vehicle for financial inclusion
1. The scope of the activities to be undertaken by the Business Correspondent will not include:
A.      disbursal of small value credit
B.      recovery of principal and collection of interest from the borrower
C.      collection of small value deposits
D.      payment of demand drafts not exceeding Rs 1000
2. Banks cannot use the services of one of the following as intermediaries under BC/BF Model.
A.      NGO's
B.      SHGs
C.      Village Sarpanch
D.      MFIs
3. The farmer's Cash Budget can be prepared on the basis of ____________
A.      census report
B.      bank manager's report
C.      BC/BFs report
D.      cashier's report
4. Which of these Borrower's Profile are NOT required by banks to take credit decisions?
A.      Cash Flow Pattern
B.      Annual Net income of the household
C.      Land Holding
D.      IT Return details
5. The BC/BF idea has come from ____________ where retail vendors, lottery outlets and post offices double as bank branches.
A.      England
B.      Brazil
C.      China
D.      Sweden
6. Banks are not expected to any risk because of the outsourced activity.
A.      True
B.      False
7. Public confidence and customer trust are very important for the success of the outsourcing model and the achievement of the goal of financial inclusion.
A.      True     
B.      False
8. Who among the following CANNOT be engaged as Business Facilitator?
A.      Retired Bank Employees
B.      IT Professionals
C.      Ex-Servicemen
D.      Insurance Agents
9. Major roles of Business Correspondent and Facilitator in rural development is ______________ of prospective borrower.
A.      suitability
B.      clarification
C.      identification
D.      demonstrration

10. Public confidence and customer trust is very important for the success of the outsourcing model and the achievement of the goal of _______________ inclusion.
A.      commercial
B.      political
C.      civil

D.      financial

The bold option is the correct answer.

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